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"Diana has been a blessing during a most challenging time in my life. Her innate ability to shine a light exactly when and where it is needed has helped me see patterns in my thoughts and self-defeating behaviour. With her guidance, I've been able to take ownership of my behaviour and adopt strategies to stop the negative thought patterns at the onset. This has been incredibly freeing. Diana has been thoughtful, engaging and effective. I have come away from our sessions enabled to begin healing and empowered to stay the course. I've happily looked forward to each session! Thank you dearly, Diana!"

~ Christine - Toronto, Ontario Canada

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~ Katrina - Burlington, Ontario Canada

"Working with Diana has been one of the most positive experiences I've had in my life. She was always there to guide me in my journey. My feelings and concerns were validated, but through her coaching, I found strategies on my own to help me attain my goals. Her guidance helped my confidence and helped me feel more secure about my projects. I feel forever grateful to have had this experience"

~ Paulina - Muncih, Germany

"Diana is a woman with a great capacity to listen, she vibrates an energy of peace, love, serenity and trust. Her interventions really made me aware of the thoughts that were limiting me, as well as my emotions, which with her guidance I was able to contact and express freely. I will always be grateful for all the strategies and techniques she taught me to face my daily challenges and to have a greater enjoyment for life"

~ Cristina - Manila, Philippines

"Diana is an amazing coach. I came to see Diana during the most difficult time in my life and career leadership. Her approach, empathy, and thought-provoking questions have helped me reflect deeply on my self-worth. I was able to create the skills and tools I needed to remove what was getting in the way of my potential and get back on track during challenging times. She helped me believe in myself and realize that I was enough. Your love and passion shine through during each session. I am so grateful I was able to work with you!"

~ Tharsan - UK

My coaching journey with Diana began with a focus on nutrition, but it quickly evolved into something far more profound. Initially drawn to her expertise in nutrition, I soon discovered that her true gift lies in her ability to empathize and connect on a deeply personal level. From our first chat, she showed genuine care, drawing from her own experiences and knowledge to relate to my struggles. Through personalized support and encouragement, she helped me navigate setbacks, offering practical solutions and alternatives. Diana's holistic approach, blending nutritional expertise with emotional support, transformed my mindset and habits. Now, armed with knowledge and self-awareness, I've achieved a consistent diet and newfound confidence in my health journey. She's not just a coach; she's a compassionate guide committed to helping me become a leader of my own journey and fostering a complete mindset shift. She's a catalyst for transformation, empowering me to make sustainable changes and embrace a mindset of balance and self-discovery.

~ Nancy - Burlington, Ontario

"I reached out to Diana when I was going through a very difficult time dealing with many stresses that were causing me anxiety to the point that it was physically affecting me. Diana provided me with a safe place to express my true feelings. I knew that anything that I shared would be held in confidence and that I would not be judged. Diana not only listened to me but helped me to dig deep within myself to find the root cause of what was causing me the anxiety. Diana worked together with me to develop strategies to help manage the current causes of my stress. She also helped me develop coping strategies to use in the future when I find mvself getting anxious or in stressful situations. I still use these tools and strategies quite frequently. I highly recommend Diana. Her coaching style is very calm, neutral and soothing and most of all it's effective."

~ Lois Jou-Yu - Munich, Germany

"It’s no exaggeration to say that Diana flipped my life around with just a few sessions. Combining her knowledge in coaching, mindfulness, and psychotherapy, she guided me through issues that had burdened me for years and empowered me to seek solutions within myself. Her laser sharp instinct is balanced with her empathetic nature which is the perfect combination for challenging me to grow while holding space for my pain, fear, and vulnerability. After each session with Diana, I feel lighter in my heart and stronger in my mind. I can’t thank her enough for the huge progress I have made and all the useful tools and techniques she has taught me so I can become more self-sufficient and resilient. All I can say is that Diana is a rare find in coaching that you don’t want to miss!"
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" Throughout my life, I’ve always felt like I was in control of what I was doing and always sure of the direction I wanted to go. This was the case for a long time. This turned around very quickly when I was faced with anxiety about the future. I suddenly panicked, felt like I’d been wasting my time with an education, and didn’t know what I wanted to do. There was so much turmoil and stress revolving around my future thoughts, and I did not know what to do with it. It felt irrational and trap; I began to lose the sure path I’d been on the entire time. I stumbled across Diana and her life coaching services. Diana immediately calmed me down in our first session. She taught me skills to look at the different factors that go into a healthier life. We broke it down to the smallest detail and because of her, I’ve now implemented a lot of these skills into my daily life, such as scheduling, to-do lists, and even breathing techniques to help ease my anxiety in different situations. Working with Diana felt easy and seamless. The sessions began to feel like a dedicated time where I got to work on myself, except I had a helping hand. On a lot of these days, it was nice to have someone else there to support me. After our sessions, I confidently proceeded into challenges and my perspective on such challenges changed. I enjoyed the feeling of being busy and I felt more capable to conquer the thoughts I had before. I’ve started to look at life on a day-to-day basis, one step at a time. It has helped me become a better me and I feel like I can accomplish more because of my sessions with Diana. Diana was extremely enjoyable to work with and I look back on my sessions with zero regrets. I recommend Diana as an extremely capable life coach, exceptionally exceeding this description in many ways. You can count on her to be there and help you reflect; once you reflect, she will help promote change."

~Annonymous - Halifax, Canada

I started working with Diana when I first began my journey in becoming a coach myself. Looking back, it's one of the best decisions I made that year. Diana's presence in my life during that phase has HUGELY impacted both my personal and professional life! The first issue I wanted to target with Diana was around codependency and I'm so happy to say that it's completely changed my relationship with my mom and sister. As I continued to work on my relationships, I moved from one problem to another that I wanted to fix in my life and Diana so graciously worked hand in hand with me. I worked through some personal trauma that I had experienced and it gave me immense freedom to vocalize things that I had buried. At one point I asked her to mentor me as well as I got certified myself and watching and trying to emulate her has been instrumental in the way I do things! She is bright & beautiful, calm & caring, serene & soulful, gentle & gracious. She's an amazing listener, a wonderful coach and mentor to me and working with her is the best gift you can give yourself!


Ever so grateful

~ Sunali

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